‘Another Mohammedan Massacre?’

A man found dead near a shopping center in Munich, Germany killed himself and was likely the lone gunman in an attack that killed nine people and injured at least 10 others, a spokesman for the Munich police said on Saturday.

Joerg Koch - Getty Images
Joerg Koch – Getty Images

A police spokesman said there was no immediate indication that it was an Islamist attack but it was being treated as a terrorist incident… There was no immediate claim of responsibility but supporters of Islamic State celebrated on social media.

“The Islamic state is expanding in Europe,” read one tweet…

It was the third major act of violence against civilians in Western Europe in eight days. Previous attacks in France and Germany were claimed by the ‘Islamic State’ terrorist  group.

Earlier police, citing eyewitness accounts, had said they were looking for up to three suspects in the shooting attack at the ‘Munich Olympia Shopping Centre’ (OEZ) that sent shoppers running for their lives and shut traffic across the city.

But early Saturday, a Munich police spokesman said it was now believed likely that only one man was responsible for the shooting…

Police said nine people had been killed and at least 10 were wounded. Around 100 people witnessed the shooting. Authorities found a 10th body about 1 km (0.6 miles) from the scene that was later determined to be the likely gunman…

German radio station ‘Bayerischer Rundfunk’ said the man had a red backpack similar to one used by a gunman seen at a ‘McDonald’s’ restaurant where the attack reportedly began. It said police were using a robot to investigate the backpack.

Munich Police {Stringer-AFP-GettyImages)
Munich Police {Stringer-AFP-GettyImages)

German news magazine ‘Focus’ said the dead man and suspected gunman had shot himself in the head…

A video posted online, whose authenticity could not be confirmed, showed a man dressed in black outside a ‘McDonald’s’ by the roadside, drawing a handgun and shooting towards members of the public.

Witnesses had seen shooting both inside the mall and on nearby streets, police said…

Thousands of people had been crowding the streets and squares in Munich’s city center in the afternoon, clinking glasses, eating sausages, and listening to bands at a beer festival.

The festival was meant to last until Sunday but was evacuated shortly after the attack…

The shopping center is next to the ‘Munich Olympic’ stadium, where the Palestinian terrorist group ‘Black September’ took 11 Israeli athletes hostage and eventually killed them during the 1972 ‘Olympic Games’.

Friday’s attack took place a week after a 17-year-old asylum-seeker assaulted passengers on a German train with an axe. Bavarian police shot dead the teenager after he wounded four people from Hong Kong on the train and injured a local resident while fleeing…

The incidents in Germany follow an attack in Nice, France, on July 14 in which a Tunisian drove a truck into crowds celebrating Bastille Day, killing 84. Islamic State claimed responsibility for that attack.

The Munich assault was also reminiscent of Islamist militant attacks in a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, in September 2013 and in Mumbai, India, in November 2008…”

–‘Likely lone gunman in Munich mall shooting found dead: police’,

Joern Poltz and Jens Hack, Reuters, July 22, 2016



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