‘B.C. Trade School Crosses The Line’


“After receiving a legal letter from ‘B’nai Brith Canada’, a trade school in British Columbia {Canada} has reversed a discriminatory policy of rejecting Israeli applicants based on their nationality, which it conducted in contravention of the ‘BC Human Rights Code’. It is not known how long this unofficial ban on Israeli nationals has been in place.

“On January 31, 2017, the ‘Jerusalem Post’ published an article about Stav Daron, an Israeli engineering student and amateur carpenter whose application for enrolment at the ‘Island School of Building Arts’ (ISBA) – a trade school located on Gabriola Island, BC – was turned down for no reason other than him being an Israeli national. Continue reading “‘B.C. Trade School Crosses The Line’”


‘Freedom of Speech and ‘Islamophobia’


There is an anti-‘Islamophobia’ Liberal Muslim private members Motion in Parliament, presented by a Muslim MP, that would take us one step closer to criminalizing criticism of Islam:

Canada is on the verge of passing what amounts to Islamic blasphemy laws.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Government is quickly proceeding to address unproven increases of “Islamophobia”— and he’s going to do it by curbing the right to free speech…”






‘Race-Coloured Glasses’

The primitive habit of viewing and classifying oneself and others according to skin colour is becoming more and more mainstream in Canada.

A recent manifestation of this racist worldview’s acceptance was the listing of “Brown: What Being Brown in the World Today Means (To Everyone)” as one of Ottawa’s ‘Hill Times’ “Best Books in 2016”:


It also was a Finalist for the 2016 Governor General’s Award for Non-Fiction, and
a ‘Globe and Mail’, ‘National Post’, ‘The Walrus’, ‘CBC Books’, ‘Chatelaine’, ‘49th Shelf’, and ‘Writers’ Trust’ Best Book of the Year winner.

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