‘B.C. Trade School Crosses The Line’


“After receiving a legal letter from ‘B’nai Brith Canada’, a trade school in British Columbia {Canada} has reversed a discriminatory policy of rejecting Israeli applicants based on their nationality, which it conducted in contravention of the ‘BC Human Rights Code’. It is not known how long this unofficial ban on Israeli nationals has been in place.

“On January 31, 2017, the ‘Jerusalem Post’ published an article about Stav Daron, an Israeli engineering student and amateur carpenter whose application for enrolment at the ‘Island School of Building Arts’ (ISBA) – a trade school located on Gabriola Island, BC – was turned down for no reason other than him being an Israeli national.


“According to Daron, after submitting an application for enrolment at ISBA, he received an email from Patricia Rokosh, ISBA’s manager of the school and student services, saying that

“due to the conflict and settlement activity in the region, we are not accepting applications from Israel”.

“According to B’nai Brith, refusing to provide a service on grounds of race, religion, ancestry or place of origin is prohibited by the ‘BC Human Rights Code’…

“ISBA did not respond to an inquiry by CIJnews regarding their discriminatory policy, and all attempts to reach the school by phone were unsuccessful.”

–‘Under pressure, BC trade school reverses discriminatory anti-Israel policy’,
Ilana Shneider, CIJ News, January 31, 2017


Island School of Building Arts
Island School of Building Arts

“In response to the query from ‘Haaretz’, the school responded that

“after significant thought and listening to all interested parties, ISBA has decided to rescind any restriction placed on accepting students from Israel and apologize for any inconvenience.”

“Doron, an engineering student and amateur carpenter, had applied to study at the Canadian school. In an email rejecting his application, Patricia Rokosh, the ISBA’s manager of the school and student services, wrote that “we are not accepting applications from Israel,” due to “the conflict and illegal settlement in the region.”

“It is very sad that an institute that prides itself on having a student body from around the world acts in such a way,” Doron wrote in response to the rejection email.

“Yes, it is sad,” a school representative replied. “But we are following our moral conscience {?}.”

–‘Canadian Trade School Rescinds Ban on Israeli Students’,
Haaretz, Jan 31, 2017



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