‘UNDR‘I’P Unworkable’

Even for a government with a disproportionate aboriginal influence, implementing the foolish ‘United Nations Declaration on the Rights of {so-called} ‘Indigenous’ Peoples’ {UNDR‘I’P} is proving to be a political and economic impossibility: 

“Two months after ‘Indigenous’ Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett declared to the world that Canada was fully embracing the ‘UN Declaration on the Rights of ‘Indigenous’ Peoples’, the most senior official in her department told underlings the international document would not be guiding planned consultations with ‘First Nations’ {‘Siberian settler communities’}, Inuit and Metis {mixed race}, according to an internal email.

‘”Indigenous’ Affairs deputy minister Helene Laurendeau told her senior adviser that the government “may not consult specifically on UNDR‘I’P” during consultations with ‘indigenous’ groups and the provinces, according to the email obtained through the ‘Access to Information Act’ by {aboriginal Race activist} NDP MP Romeo Saganash’s office. 

“Saganash said the email reveals the ‘Liberal’ government is playing a double game with UNDR‘I’P, saying one thing publicly, but planning something differently internally. He said it shows the ‘Liberals’ have no plans to implement UNDR‘I’P.

“The ‘Liberal’ government is like a double-headed beast, speaking lies out of one mouth and their sleazy intentions out of the other,”

said Saganash, who has tabled a private member’s bill to harmonize federal laws with UNDR‘I’P.

{In order to buy the support of aboriginal leadership during the last election campaign, the Trudeau ‘Liberals’ foolishly promised to implement the ‘UN Declaration on the Rights of ‘Indigenous’ Peoples’ (UNDR‘I’P), and then compounded the error by announcing the government’s ‘compliance’ last Spring. The new government has by now realized the impossibility of implementing the absurdity that is UNDR‘I’P but must still pretend to adhere to it in order to avoid the ‘racism’ charge…
UN ‘indigenous rights’ declaration is ‘unworkable’ as law{July 15, 2016}:

Embracing the U.N. at Canada’s Expense{June 4, 2016}:

Leading Canada Backwards’ (Election 2015) {September 12, 2015}: https://endracebasedlaw.wordpress.com/2015/09/13/leading-canada-backwards/ }

“The startling statement by the department’s most senior official emerged in an email discussion between senior officials in the department over media lines requested by Bennett’s office on UNDR‘I’P and its article on ‘free, prior and informed consent’ (FPIC).

“Bennett had travelled in May, 2016 to New York City and announced Canada’s unfettered embrace of UNDR‘I’P during a speech to the ‘UN Permanent Forum on ‘Indigenous’ Issues’. UNDR‘I’P had received a {hypocritical} qualified endorsement from the previous Conservative government of Stephen Harper which had initially refused to sign it.

“Two months later, in July, Bennett’s office asked the department’s communications team to develop media lines on UNDR‘I’P and FPIC. The department’s communications manager Pamela Monfils emailed the media lines to Eric Poirier and Veronique Rozon, who are senior policy advisers to Laurendeau, the department’s deputy minister. The media lines included references to planned consultations on “how best to implement UNDR‘I’P” and on how the international document would influence a planned review of federal laws and regulations.

“Attached and pasted below for DMO (deputy minister’s office) approval is a statement for media requested by MO (minister’s office) concerning UNDR‘I’P and FPIC,”

wrote Monfils in the July 21, 2016, email which also requested a response that same evening.
Poirier, Laurendeau’s senior policy adviser, replied the next morning at 8 a.m. saying the lines had been approved by Laurendeau, but with an added comment from the deputy minister.

“Poirier then quoted Laurendeau:

“It is okay, but I would remove the part that we will consult on UNDR‘I’P as we may not consult specifically on UNDR‘I’P but rather on ‘s. 35’ writ large,”

“The term s. 35 refers to Section 35 of the Constitution, which recognizes Aboriginal ‘rights’ and ‘title’.

“Bennett’s office did not respond directly to the content of the email. Instead, the minister’s office sent a statement to ‘APTN National News’ with a quote from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s speech to the Assembly of ‘First Nations’ last December, along with a link to the speech.

“As the Prime Minister said last December in his speech to the (A‘FN’) special chiefs assembly, we remain committed to consulting with ‘indigenous’ peoples,”

said the statement from Bennett’s office as an introduction to the quote.

“The quoted passage from Trudeau’s speech referred to Bennett’s UNDR‘I’P announcement at the UN from May 2016, along with the prime minister’s announcement that {aboriginal activist} Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould would lead the work on implementing the declaration.

“Saganash said the Liberals persistent talk on consultation when it comes to matters of rights betrays their true intentions.

“As with the Charter, there is no duty to consult on whether to respect or not the UN declaration and the fundamental {Race-based} ‘human rights’ it enshrines,” said Saganash. “These are stalling tactics from a government that lacks the integrity to make substantial and meaningful changes to ‘colonial’ policies regarding ‘indigenous’ peoples.”

–‘Email reveals Trudeau Liberals playing double game on UNDR‘I’P: Saganash’,
Jorge Barrera, APTN, May 11, 2017


COMMENT: “I’m not so sure these emails imply what is being alleged.
1) What specifically does “Free, Prior and Informed Consent” mean, legally speaking? Read article 46. UNDR‘I’P recognizes only the colonial states as the sovereign, and nothing in UNDR‘I’P infringes on the sovereign’s laws.

{“Article 46
1. Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, people, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act contrary to the Charter of the United Nations or construed as authorizing or encouraging any action which would dismember or impair, totally or in part, the territorial integrity or
political unity of sovereign and independent States.”
http://www.un.org/esa/socdev/unpfii/documents/DRIPS_en.pdf }

2) Only the sovereign has an absolute veto. So when can the sovereign “infringe” on Indigenous rights, as per UNDR‘I’P? I’m not so sure this is going to be any different than “Duty to Consult, and Where Necessary, Accommodate,” which Canada now has under Sec. 35, Constitution Act, 1982.
Also, ‘Indigenous’ Rights are lumped in with all Human Rights under article 46 in UNDR‘I’P.”
It should be noted that there is no legal obligation to enforce this ideological essay within the borders of Canada — it is NOT legally binding

–“Indigenous peoples have the right to practise and revitalize their cultural traditions and customs.”

“And what of those customs like the denial of rights for women — particularly those who marry into a tribe — or the denial of democratic rights like free speech without political punishment, such as losing your reserve home for voting the ‘wrong way’?

–Article 31: “They also have the right to maintain, control, protect and develop their intellectual property over such cultural heritage, traditional knowledge, and traditional cultural expressions.”

“If this means as individuals seeking patents, then that already exists. However, if this means as a race or nation, then does this also apply to, say, Germany? Imagine how much the world will owe Germans as a people for their technical innovations. And if this only applies to “indigenous peoples”, then it is, by definition, racist, and should be treated with contempt…”
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