‘Mohammedans Go Facebook Crazy Again’

“‘Communal tensions’ {‘violent Muslims’} have flared-up once again in the Basirhat district in Bengal after a supposedly disrespectful ‘Facebook’ post concerning the ‘prophet’ Mohammad began circulating online.

“What began as a protest, soon escalated into a violent roving {Muslim} mob ransacking houses of the majority Hindu community in the district. 

“It is believed that dozens of businesses, houses, and at least six police vehicles were torched by a {Muslim} mob in West Bengal’s North 24 Parganas district. 

Basirhat subdivision in North 24 Parganas, West Bengal. Over a Facebook post by a class XI student, protesters torched shops and police vehicles. (Samir Jana –
HT Photo)

“The incident began after a ‘class 11’ student posted a ‘blasphemous’ message on ‘Facebook’. The student in question, according to Indian news sources – a Hindu, was arrested {!?!} on Sunday night and prohibitory orders were enforced.

Police vehicles set ablaze in North 24-Parganas. (Express Photo by Subham Dutta)

“However, the vandalism continued throughout Monday and Tuesday as the administration did not inform people about the arrest, claimed Quazi Abdur Rahim, the MLA of Baduria, where the incident happened.

“Locals are claiming that the police did nothing to help and in response, the Union Home ministry has now sent in nearly 400 paramilitary personnel to secure the area. 

Burnt-out shell of a West Bengal police vehicle, one of many targeted by protesters using bombs. (Samir Jana – HT Photo)

“When TMC MP Idris Ali reached the spot, his car was attacked…

“Local sources…said the situation is still far from normal and many Hindus have fled from the affected areas. 

Photo: Daily Mail

“Blockades are on in at least 60 places in Basirhat and incidents of police being beaten up are also being reported.

“The ‘Rapid Action Force’ has been deployed as well. Tapan Ghosh, the firebrand leader of ‘Hindu Samhati’ said,

‘The accused who is a minor is already apprehended. But it was used as an opportunity to attack on Hindus.’…”

–‘Communal violence sweeps Bengal’s Basirhat district after student’s Facebook post ‘disrespects the Prophet Mohammad’,
Anindya Banerjee, Mailonline India, 4 July 2017


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