‘Help Should Be Based On Need, NOT Race’

Race-based funding is Segregationist and discriminatory:

“The Nova Scotia government is partnering up with the federal government to help fund programs aimed at providing Mi’kmaq and black women in Nova Scotia safe spaces to report abusive partners and to find a way to heal from the harm they have suffered at home. 

“The $2 million of funding will last four years and go to the Mi’kmaw Legal Support Network, Nova Scotia Association of Black Social Workers, Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre and the Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland Nova Scotia, all of which are Halifax-based organizations…

“One of the biggest things is that when we walk into spaces, there is nobody that looks like us {!?!}, and so we’re hoping to change that”,
said Crystal John, president of the {Segregationist} Nova Scotia Association of ‘Black’ {How ‘Black’?} Social Workers…

-‘Advocates welcome supports for Mi’kmaq, black N.S. victims of domestic violence’,
Jean Laroche, CBC News, June 28, 2019

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