‘Spreading Racism’

Desmond Cole is Toronto’s most notorious ‘Black’ race activist: 

“Ultimately, “The Skin We’re In” {Desmond Cole’s book} shows how the racial flares in the blue-sky dream of polite Canadian society — the slips of the mask — aren’t at all accidental but rather a feature of a system designed to discipline and surveil ‘Black’ people.
{What delusional racist nonsense!}

“For Cole, ‘white supremacy’ is an insatiable, elusive, all-encompassing force that thrives on a denial of its existence and coalesces at every point in defence of itself… 
“The writing of ‘The Skin We’re In’ followed a two-year stint as a columnist at the ‘Toronto Star’. But Cole quit that gig in May 2017 after his boss told him, in a private meeting, that his public activism…crossed journalistic lines.

“If I must choose between a newspaper column and the actions I must take to liberate myself and my community, I choose activism in the service of ‘Black’ liberation”,
Cole wrote in a blog post at the time.

{A racist views people with a similar skin colour as ‘his/her community’…}

“The themes of ‘Black’ {How ‘Black’?} dispossession because of policing, because of child welfare, because of a number of different institutions and systems that are always taking from Black people… you would see that any year that you explored ‘Black’ life in Canada… That these things are not accidental; they’re actually part of how Canada is a country…

“‘White’ guilt and white {How ‘white’?} fragility is a way of trying to shirk responsibility…

{Note how ‘Black’ is always capitalized while ‘white’ isn’t. The CBC has now adopted this racist foolishness in their stories, as well…}

“As a society, Canada says,
But look at our image. Loved around the world, viewed as a multicultural haven. Look at all the immigrants and refugees that we take in. How dare you accuse us of racism? Look at all these other things. Don’t talk about the thing we just did, forget about that. Look at all these shiny things over here.”

“We stop talking about specific harms that Canada is doing to ‘Black’ people, and we tell fairy tales {?} about other things that make us feel good about Canada but that are irrelevant to the harm being done to ‘Black’ folks.

{What a poisoned, one-sided view. He has not one ounce of gratitude for Canada saving him from an African existence. He should try spending time living there for some perspective…}

“What I see is that because ‘white’ settlers wanted this land and they wanted to take it from ‘Indigenous’ {Again, ‘Indigenous’ is capitalized while ‘white’ is not. The implied racism is palpable…} people, they had to create all kinds of institutions and structures that kill or disenfranchise ‘Indigenous’ people… All ‘Black’ experience on the same territories with the same government includes the use of the same systems to hurt ‘us’…

{Yet another all-encompassing racist generalization…}

“…The rhetoric, the resistance and the seriousness and the pageantry of ‘Black’ resistance is something that I truly appreciate… They made me feel powerful in my ‘blackness’ {How racist can you get?}…”

–‘‘I Don’t Care if You’re Racist. I Care if You’re Hurting Me’’,
Olamide Olaniyan, TheTyee, 14 Feb. 2020
Here, he explains his racist view of Canada to some ‘Black’ immigrants — and, of course, it’s the CBC providing him with the platform:
And here he is speaking foolishly on American radio, trashing Canada:

“I believe in abolishing police. I don’t believe in reforming systems that cause the amount of death and racist targeting that our police systems do. But we can’t even stop at police. The mentality that tells us that you can only get people to do what you want under threat of punishment, loss of freedom or even death – that mentality has to be challenged in every institution.”

–‘Protests Spur Canadian Activists To Confront Racism In Their Own Nation’,
NPR, June 14, 2020

(Flying Books)

“Puncturing the bubble of Canadian smugness and naive assumptions of a post-racial nation, Cole chronicles just one year – 2017 — in the struggle against racism in this country. It was a year that saw calls for tighter borders when ‘Black’ {fake} refugees braved frigid temperatures {They were brought to the border in heated buses and cars, where they ILLEGALLY entered Canada} to cross into Manitoba from the States, ‘Indigenous’ {sic, they mean ‘Aboriginal’} land and water ‘protectors’ {‘Illegal blockaders’} resisting the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday…and more…”

–‘Book Launch’,
Kitchener Public Library, July 28, 2020
See also: 
Training Teachers In Race Theory‘:
“OISE {Ontario Institute for Studies in Education — Ontario’s Teachers College, from which Ontario Premier Wynne graduated…} is filled with far-Left ideologues promoting critical race theory under the guise of anti-racist education. OISE laments that “social justice and equity workshops” — in which teachers address “the ways in which ‘Whites’ benefit from racism” — are “often not mandatory”… The racist insanity amongst some of OISE’s students and staff is well documented…”

The Racist Cult Of Black Fragility’:
“The hysteria of #BlackLivesMatter embodies angry and fragile. Its members shriek that they’re being murdered on every corner, while behaving in ways that would get anyone else murdered. Their racist tantrums are justified by their racial fragility. That is ‘black privilege’, which is based on false claims of ‘black’ fragility…” https://www.facebook.com/345805362190090/photos/a.350308008406492.1073741828.345805362190090/724242421013047/?type=3

Attention white people: Stop committing ‘microagressions’!‘:
“Most of us make an effort to be sensitive to other people’s feelings, regardless of race. But a study produced by the University of Illinois claims we shouldn’t even bother. Just the fact that you are ‘white’, causes ‘people of color’ discomfort…”

Ethnic Minorities Deserve Safe Spaces Without ‘White’ People‘:
“More Canadian University Racism:
This is from an alleged journalism student… She defended a student group’s decision to ban two ‘white’ students from an event….”

Hysteria and Silliness Over Terms That Describe Race‘:
“Who was damaged? Is it really an offensive term? Or was somebody making a fuss about nothing? Why should “persons of colour” be correct but “coloured actors” wrong? Can anyone make sense of that distinction?”

‘Black’ Guy Straight-Talking to Other ‘Blacks’‘:
“All We Know How To Do Is Blame The Police & White Folks”

Why Multiculturalism Is Racism‘:
“Academics dismissed the Western narrative as essentially “‘white’ history”, which had to be replaced by “non-‘white’ people’s history”… ‘White’ guilt, balkanization, and the glorification of barbarism began. Tribalism trumped citizenship, group rights trumped individual rights. “Primitive” tribes did not feel any responsibility to reciprocate the interest or respect shown to them by humbled ‘white’ folk…”

Union Playing Racist Identity Politics‘:
“It used to be that unions used ‘identity politics’ on behalf of the working class, regardless of skin colour. Now, while projecting American history on Canadians — and endorsing the racist ‘Black Lives Matter’ — we get this from a Canadian Left-wing government workers’ union (CUPE)…”
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