‘A Segregationist Tale’

Origin stories tend to emphasize our commonality and shared beginnings; however, this Mohawk legend focuses on the differences:

“The white man says Indians came from Asia by way of the Bering Strait… They say the red man crossed over from Asia on a “land bridge”, or stepping islands (like stepping stones). Our mighty ancestors took mighty strides. The master storytellers say the time of this migration was 12,000 years ago. Since it’s a scientific estimation, therefore, it’s impressive. They came to this conclusion by “reading the rocks”. 

“Now, you guys, you wanna watch out and avoid rocks. They can betray your passage, even if you passed 12,000 years ago. The scientists can even detect, if slightly, your ancient fragrance that you left behind as you passed the rocks…

“As far as we’re concerned, our ancestors made their debut into this valley of happiness right here on this land of Onkwehonwekeh (America), just as the white man originated in southern Europe, the blacks in Africa and the Asiatics in Asia.

“The Bering Strait theory is a tongue-in-cheek propaganda to make the Onkwehonwe think that they, also, are aliens in their own land and that they, the Europeans, have just as much right to be in America. The scientists are trying to justify in the white people’s minds their presence on Red Man’s land…”

–‘Who Made You?’ or ‘How Scientists Created the Red Race’,
from the ‘Warrior’s Handbook’, Louis Hall

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Louis Hall was also the creator of the Mohawk ‘Warrior’ flag…

The Mohawk Warrior Flag: A Legacy of Lawlessness’:
“The Warrior flag is an assertion of sovereignty — especially during illegal occupations. It is used to signify that the land in question is no longer part of Canada, that Canadian laws do not apply to the occupiers, and that the occupiers are prepared to escalate their resistance to the point of violence…

“The more well-known shaved-head Mohawk Warrior ‘war’ version seen in Oka, Caledonia, and more recently in Toronto’s High Park {as well as ‘Idle no More’, and now at virtually every aboriginal protest}, was specifically created at the request of organized criminals involved in cigarette smuggling at Kahnawake, as a way to try to legitimize their greed and lawlessness under the banner of ‘aboriginal sovereignty’.”
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