‘Canadian Gov’t Teaching Anti-‘White’ Racism’

The Canadian government is training employees to be racist against ‘white’ people. This retrograde poison – in an Orwellian fashion typical of an authoritarian government – is being falsely labelled as ‘anti-racism’ training…
P.S. The course’s first ‘Resources’ link is blacklivesmatter.com…

“New documents surfacing regarding the Canadian federal government’s ‘anti-racism’ training reveal that their definition of racism is not only overly broad, it appears to have a distinctly political {racist!} tint to it.  Continue reading “‘Canadian Gov’t Teaching Anti-‘White’ Racism’”

‘And More Cultural Bullying’

More Race-based cultural bullying…and more ‘white’ cultural cowardice:
“Manitoba’s ‘Elkhorn Resort Spa and Conference Centre’ has issued an apology after it built two teepees it had planned to rent out. But when rentals were posted, the company received some {Aboriginal} criticism calling the rental option ‘cultural appropriation’. Continue reading “‘And More Cultural Bullying’”

‘Immigrant Minister Supports Racist Funding’

When you put an immigrant with little understanding of Canadian values in charge of a federal ministry, this kind of ignorant, racist nonsense is not a surprise. This particular fellow has stirred up racial issues with both Cabinet appointments that he has received. Coming from a backwards, dysfunctional country like Somalia {He has only been in Canada since 1993}, this is not unexpected.
P.S. Canadian citizens have the justified expectation that federal Cabinet appointments will represent Canadian values and interests, not foreign ones.
P.P.S. The reporter on this story, Maan Alhmidi, only came to Canada from Syria and Turkey in 2017.
These are 2 of the people stirring up the ‘Canadians are racist’ mantra.
P.P.P.S. “This story was produced with the financial assistance of the Facebook and Canadian Press News Fellowship.”

“Several ‘Black’ organizations {How ‘Black’ do you have to be to belong?} were denied federal funding through a program designed to help such groups build capacity — after Employment and Social Development Canada told them their leadership was not sufficiently ‘Black’.
{Again, How ‘Black’ do you have to be?} Continue reading “‘Immigrant Minister Supports Racist Funding’”

‘Cultural Appropriation Is A One-Way Street’

Here are two more examples of so-called ‘cultural appropriation’:
P.S. The answer to the following question is ‘EVERYONE’, and Aboriginals — who have culturally appropriated Western culture – need to get used to it…

“Questions about who has the right to make money from the cultural and artistic traditions of First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities in Canada.”

Continue reading “‘Cultural Appropriation Is A One-Way Street’”

‘A Segregationist Tale’

Origin stories tend to emphasize our commonality and shared beginnings; however, this Mohawk legend focuses on the differences:

“The white man says Indians came from Asia by way of the Bering Strait… They say the red man crossed over from Asia on a “land bridge”, or stepping islands (like stepping stones). Our mighty ancestors took mighty strides. The master storytellers say the time of this migration was 12,000 years ago. Since it’s a scientific estimation, therefore, it’s impressive. They came to this conclusion by “reading the rocks”. 

“Now, you guys, you wanna watch out and avoid rocks. They can betray your passage, even if you passed 12,000 years ago. The scientists can even detect, if slightly, your ancient fragrance that you left behind as you passed the rocks… Continue reading “‘A Segregationist Tale’”

‘Spreading Racism’

Desmond Cole is Toronto’s most notorious ‘Black’ race activist: 

“Ultimately, “The Skin We’re In” {Desmond Cole’s book} shows how the racial flares in the blue-sky dream of polite Canadian society — the slips of the mask — aren’t at all accidental but rather a feature of a system designed to discipline and surveil ‘Black’ people.
{What delusional racist nonsense!}

“For Cole, ‘white supremacy’ is an insatiable, elusive, all-encompassing force that thrives on a denial of its existence and coalesces at every point in defence of itself… 
Continue reading “‘Spreading Racism’”

‘Segregating Food?’

This woman did nothing wrong except to foolishly and cravenly apologize to racists for ‘offending’ them. Canadians must stop allowing Third-World tribalists and racists to drag us backwards into their anachronistic and divisive ways… 

{The} Owner of ‘Ripe Nutrition’, Alexandra Baird, is speaking out following the announcement that athletic apparel store ‘PERMISSION’ is ending its partnership with her brand as a result of accusations of ‘cultural appropriation’.  Continue reading “‘Segregating Food?’”

‘Not ‘Authentic’

The answer is ‘EVERYONE’, and Aboriginals — who have culturally appropriated Western culture — need to get used to it… 

“Questions about who has the right to make money from the cultural and artistic traditions of First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities in Canada.” 

Continue reading “‘Not ‘Authentic’”

‘Segregating Democracy’

‘A perversion of democracy’:
New Zealand offers Maori 2 choices in voting. They can either vote with all other New Zealanders…or they can vote for special Maori seats, where only Maori can run or vote. This story is about a ‘Regional Council’ voting to set up ‘Maori-only’ constituencies… 

“Former Northland Regional Council (NRC) deputy-‘chair’ and current councillor John Bain walked out of today’s meeting in Whāngarei, saying he couldn’t support the ‘broken democracy‘ of bringing in Māori constituencies. Continue reading “‘Segregating Democracy’”

‘Crabs In A Barrel Syndrome’

First, we have an Aboriginal-authored piece critical of Chief Louie of the Osoyoos Indian Band, followed by a piece outlining some of Chief Louie’s accomplishments…

“We were like crabs in a barrel, that none would allow the other to climb over, but on any such attempt all would continue to pull back into the barrel the one crab that would make the effort to climb out.”

“Chief Clarence Louie has become an echo chamber for the Government and more precisely, the Right-wing, ‘Old Stock’ Canadian. Chief Louie is infamous (in Indian Country and in mainstream, he is golden) for his “pull up your bootstraps and get a damn job” ‘lazy Indians’ mantra…

“So why do I say Chief Louie can suck it? Quite frankly, the guy is a douche, a pompous, arrogant prick. Does it seem I am a bit jealous of Chief Louie? Perhaps. I mean the guy has a good message, right? We should all follow his lead and his statements. He took a poor community and made it a rich community. No doubt this man is talented, strong and successful. Continue reading “‘Crabs In A Barrel Syndrome’”