‘Maori Want Segregated Legal System’

Just as with aboriginals in Canada, New Zealand Maori are now pushing for a separate legal system because of their ‘over-representation’ in criminal activity and, subsequently, in courts and prisons. And just as in Canada, New Zealand has an adolescent Leftist gov’t willing to enact racist and regressive policies in the lying name of ‘Progressivism’. The similarity in demands has been fostered by the reactionary United Nations: 


“Māori ‘justice’ advocates have renewed the fight for a separate {segregated} justice system for Māori, saying the outcomes for them are still getting worse and they should be able to take the lead…  Continue reading “‘Maori Want Segregated Legal System’”


‘Wearing Headscarves To Avoid Assault’

“Marcus Franz, a physician and former MP from the conservative Austrian People’s Party, created outrage on social media after he said the non-Muslim European girls in Vienna have started to wear Islamic headscarves so as to prevent street harassment and assault by male Muslim migrants… 

Austrian Women (Schermafbeelding-2019-02-12)

“This story shares unsettling similarities to how some native German girls who attend the schools with significant migrant populations have also been wearing hijabs in order to prevent harassment and aggressive behavior aimed at them… In late 2016, a UN-sponsored advertisement in Germany encouraged women to wear Islamic headscarves to show ‘tolerance’. The German government used public funds to run the 18-second ad.  Continue reading “‘Wearing Headscarves To Avoid Assault’”

‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’

“A world that becomes more Muslim, becomes less everything else.”
–Mark Steyn

‘Pakistan court deems Valentine’s Day ‘un-Islamic,’ bans across country’

‘Indonesia Bans Valentine’s Day’

‘Iran Bans Valentine’s Day’

‘Saudi Arabia Bans Valentine’s Day’

“Malaysian religious authorities this month arrested more than 100 Muslim couples for defying a ban on any activities marking Valentine’s Day…” 


‘Paying The Price For Telling The Truth’

“A U.S. Army director who was recently offered a top position with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will reportedly no longer take the post after BuzzFeed unearthed his previous Facebook posts. The news outlet unearthed some of his Facebook posts from more than two years ago that showed he reposted anti-Muslim articles and {accurately} compared Islam to the Nazi party. 

Continue reading “‘Paying The Price For Telling The Truth’”

‘Politics Invades Chess World’ {LINK}

“The first world chess tournament to be hosted by Saudi Arabia has been mired in controversy after Israeli competitors were barred, and Qatari players withdrew after being told not to show their country’s flag.

“The ‘King Salman World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships’, which runs until Saturday, includes around 240 players — both men and women — from 70 countries…”

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‘Mohammedans Go Facebook Crazy Yet Again’

“At least one person has been killed and seven ‘critically‘ injured, as police have opened fire on {Muslim} locals who torched nine Hindu homes in Rangpur’s Sadar Upazila {Bangladesh} in protest against an allegedly-blasphemous ‘Facebook’ post.

“Around 30 people, including law enforcers, were injured in the clash at Thakurparha village in Khaleya union on Friday afternoon, police and doctors said… Continue reading “‘Mohammedans Go Facebook Crazy Yet Again’”

‘What Am I Missing?’

From New Zealand:
“My dad divorced my mum and married a lovely Maori lady.

“They started a new family. I now have half brothers that are Maori.

“Yet, some Maori tell me I should be thankful Maori let me live in their country and that I should be paying Maori rent, and that NZ belongs to Maori.

“Apparently, I should be OK with my half-brothers owning our local beaches, foreshore, and seabeds and I should go cap in hand to my own brothers asking for permission to access my local beaches. Apparently, my half-brothers should own my drinking water, too, because their skin is a little browner than mine.

“I don’t understand this. I thought we were all supposed to be equal and colour blind. What am I missing?” Continue reading “‘What Am I Missing?’”

‘Turkish Women Resist Mohammedan Bullying’

“Hundreds of Turkish women marched in the country’s biggest city Istanbul on Saturday to protest against the violence and animosity they face from {Muslim} men demanding they dress more conservatively.

“The march, dubbed “Don’t Mess With My Outfit, started in the Kadikoy district on the Asian side of the city. Women chanted slogans and carried denim shorts on hangers as examples of the type of clothing some men say they find unacceptable.

“We will not obey, be silenced, be afraid. We will win through resistance,” the crowds chanted…

“Protesters say there has been an increasing number of verbal and physical attacks against women for their choice of clothing. Continue reading “‘Turkish Women Resist Mohammedan Bullying’”