‘What Am I Missing?’

From New Zealand:
“My dad divorced my mum and married a lovely Maori lady.

“They started a new family. I now have half brothers that are Maori.

“Yet, some Maori tell me I should be thankful Maori let me live in their country and that I should be paying Maori rent, and that NZ belongs to Maori.

“Apparently, I should be OK with my half-brothers owning our local beaches, foreshore, and seabeds and I should go cap in hand to my own brothers asking for permission to access my local beaches. Apparently, my half-brothers should own my drinking water, too, because their skin is a little browner than mine.

“I don’t understand this. I thought we were all supposed to be equal and colour blind. What am I missing?”

–Daniel James Smith

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4 thoughts on “‘What Am I Missing?’

    1. No — ‘formal, documented ownership’ is the ‘colonial concept’ that has enabled the modern economy and society. Almost ALL cultures and civilizations had some kind of ‘ownership’. You need to stop confusing the study of history with the futile attempt to live in the past.
      P.S. Personal insult and innuendo are the tools of the intellectually weak…


      1. If you only ever discuss reality from inside a box, you will only ever see its walls. You are wrong, ownership is the colonial concept that has demoralised modern society. The study of history is the attempt by people from Europe to justify what they they perceive they own and the often disgusting and morally reprehensible methods used to obtain those things. Interesting that you use an innuendo about me being intellectually weak … as a person with a PhD I reiterate your idiocy.


      2. ‘Ownership’ and ‘private property’ as concepts go back to at least 500 B.C., long before the ‘colonialism’ you speak of. It not only has not ‘demoralised’ modern society, but in fact is central to the explosion of human well-being and creativity that we know as the modern world. The study of history exists in all cultures and is not a European phenomenon. How does one achieve a PhD without knowing this?


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